We’ll help you build

the right financial strategy


But only if we’re both the right fit

Not every small business is ready for a Fractional CFO.

So at NewCastle Finance, the first step of working together is making sure we should be working together.

That’s why our whole workflow is designed to match you to the service level that makes sense. We’ll even steer you elsewhere if our service won’t benefit you.

Because helping you make smart financial decisions is our whole job—even before we’re hired.

How we’ll make sure we’re a match

You'll start with...
You'll start with...

The Consultation Call

Tell us what’s happening. We’ll tell you if you’re a good preliminary candidate for Fractional CFO services.

Then you’ll move on to...
Then you’ll move on to...

NextGen Finance Blueprint™

Get a deep dive into your finances across 5 categories. Walk away with a plan for strengthening your whole financial structure.

In the process, we’ll determine whether your business could use further support. But even if not, you can benefit from the NextGen Finance Blueprint™ as a standalone service.

And finally, if the signs point to it, you’ll continue on with…

Monthly Support

True “Fractional CFO” service

Get ongoing strategic guidance from a financial expert who knows your business inside and out.

Work on your financial infrastructure, forecasting, budgeting, and planning so you can build a healthy and sustainable business.


Advisory Projects

Limited-scope advice for specific situations

Need advice on a special situation, but not ongoing support? This service is for you.

Use this service to plan an expansion, fix your forecasting, or even just develop the right financial dashboards.

If we can’t help you, we’ll tell you

A promise from NewCastle Finance, a boutique firm that values quality over quantity in client relationships

Some large financial firms survive on volume. Get clients in, get them out, and let’s keep questions to a minimum.

NewCastle Finance is different. As a boutique Fractional CFO firm, we’re focused on developing close relationships with a small number of best-fit clients.

Why? Because that way we get to explore the nuances of your business, not just rattle off boilerplate advice.

So when we’re on our consultation call, we’re not just trying to close the deal. We’re confirming that your current financial status, infrastructure, personnel, and overall vision all indicate you’ll benefit from our services.

And if not, we’ll be honest about that, even if that means directing you elsewhere. (It wouldn’t be the first time.)

So what are the signs we’re a fit?

$10M+ in revenue

The businesses we generally work with are small businesses with $10M+ in annual sales. We also work with businesses that are $5M+ and growing fast. Below this point, our service likely won’t make financial sense for you.

You’re growing

It’s a good idea to upgrade your financial systems when expansion is putting more stress on them. This is a crucial time and you want to set yourself up for success.

You’re building for the long-term

Our Fractional CFO service won’t necessarily help you pump up this quarter’s profits to make investors happy. But we will help you strengthen your financial structure so you can spend the coming years building a healthy and sustainable business.

You’re looking for a true adviser, not a “disappear and do it” service

NewCastle Finance can deliver forecasts, budget reports, and other important strategic documents. But clients say our real value is in supplying a trusted guide—someone who can answer pressing questions and talk you through high-stakes decisions.

If that sounds like what you need, we may be a match. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to be in a specific industry?

We’ve teamed up with all sorts of businesses in a variety of industries. This means that our clients benefit from a fresh set of eyes looking at their business. We think of ourselves as financial bees that cross-pollinate ideas. We come with zero baggage of “industry best standards” that stopped being “best standards” years ago.

Do you work with startups?

It depends. If you’re looking for CFO work pre-funding, we are not a good fit. But if you’ve already obtained significant investor funding (in the millions), and now have to figure out how to manage the funds, not to mention your investors or board – in that case, let’s talk.

My business is under $10M. Can you still work with me?

If you’re growing fast and are soon to be at $10M range, we suggest discussing your support options and potentially investing in a NextGen Finance Blueprint™ .  

How much does it cost to work with you?

Pricing is based on your specific business needs. Monthly support ranges between $8,500/mo – $17,000/mo. To get a custom quote, book your consultation call here.

Can I pay you for an hour of your time?

No. For us to be able to help, we need to understand your business deeply, so an hourly call wouldn’t benefit you. And we’d be terrible Fractional CFOs if we’d let you waste your money like that.

Do you do financial models, budgets, and forecasts?

Yes! And we also train your team if needed. 

Do you do bookkeeping, accounting, and tax work?

No. We provide Fractional CFO and FP&A advisory services only. But we do work with your accounting team and require our clients to have one. If you don’t have accounting people (or are not happy with the current team), we support you with the hiring process.

Do you do interim and temp CFO work?

If you’re looking for full-time CFO support we’re not a fit. But if you’re looking for part time or fractional support, let’s talk. 

Do you work in our offices?

All the work is done virtually and in our office in Northbrook, IL. However, we do occasionally travel to the client’s office when it’s truly needed.

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NextGen Finance Blueprint™
Start looking at your finances holistically with a 5-part assessment of your systems and strategy

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Monthly Support
Get ongoing Fractional CFO service and bring your financial future into focus


Advisory Projects
Call in help for a special situation you shouldn’t have to navigate alone

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