Your business is ready for an advanced financial strategy


Here’s how we make it happen

After completing the NextGen Finance Blueprint™, you’ll have two things:

  • A 5-part breakdown of your business’ current financial status
  • A clear plan for strengthening your financial structure

So what happens next? NewCastle Finance helps you execute your plan by providing Fractional CFO support at the service level that makes sense for you.

Strategic Planning

Budgeting & Forecasting

Cash Flow Management

Financial Analysis

Risk Management

KPI Development

Two ways to get CFO support

Monthly Support

Our true “Fractional CFO” service

Advisory Projects

Limited-scope advice for specific situations

Monthly Support

Our true “Fractional CFO” service

Enough guessing. Get ongoing guidance from a financial expert who can solve the money mysteries you thought you had to live with.

Ongoing 1-on-1 advice from a Fractional CFO

so you can make steady progress on solving your biggest financial struggles

Financial planning and analysis (FP&A)

to go beyond basic “here’s what happened” accounting

Resources and referrals

so you get the right help without having to hunt for it

With a Fractional CFO, you can start answering the questions you thought were just part of the mystery of running a business


When you’re stuck figuring everything out on your own, it can feel like your finances are just a series of puzzles with no solution.

How are you supposed to know…?

  • How to set a workable commission structure without making your salespeople hate you
  • How to tell whether hiring will boost your profits or just add headaches without much payoff
  • Whether your marketing spend is worth it or you’re just setting money on fire
  • How to calculate optimal sales, margin, and cost targets—and the minimums you shouldn’t go below
  • Which financial moves can help you reach a major goal, like opening a physical location
  • How to keep on top of your money while staying great at the thing your business actually does

So it can be easy to forget: there are people out there who really do know this stuff. And when you finally call one in, it’s like taking off the blindfold you’ve had on since your business began.

Get what you need to quit guessing
with Monthly Support from a Fractional CFO

Here’s what you get access to with our Monthly Support service.

Ongoing 1-on-1 calls
(plus anytime email access)

Find out how it feels to have answers on call

Meet regularly with NewCastle founder Kathy Svetina to ask questions, share updates, talk through dilemmas, and plot your next moves.

These discussions are like a refuge on your calendar where problems get clearer and decisions get easier.

And they’re what clients often say they value even beyond any documents we deliver.


  • Make consistent progress on your strategy with regularly scheduled meetings, as often as weekly if necessary
  • Ask urgent questions as they come up with anytime email access
  • Work on your infrastructure, your reporting, your budgeting, your planning—we use this time on whatever needs attention

Hear how Kathy’s skills in FP&A (Financial Planning & Analysis) helped a client fix a commission structure problem that was devouring her profits.

Monthly Support also includes

Strategic plans and analysis

Advice is great. But you also need the reports and planning documents that help you live by what you learn.


  • Budgets
  • Forecasts
  • Trend analysis
  • Strategic planning materials, like 3- and 5-year projections

Resources and referrals

Sometimes working on your finances reveals gaps in other parts of the business. When that happens, we often refer clients to trusted professionals and info sources that can help.

So much more than spreadsheets

A Fractional CFO doesn’t just dash off reports and leave you to decode what they mean.

At least not at NewCastle Finance.

In fact, clients often say the most valuable part of our CFO support isn’t any tangible deliverable. It’s in having an expert on their side to work through problems together.

What you get in Fractional CFO Kathy Svetina

A sounding board

Kick around ideas. Ask anything. Map out action steps. Get a push to get moving.

During your support sessions, you spend time on what matters to you, whether that means drafting formal plans or just chatting about the money questions on your mind.

A financial puzzle solver

How should you price to hit your profit margin sweet spot? Which next hire will actually make you money? How do you stay in control of your finances without getting distracted from everything else?

Thorny problems like these take years to solve by trial and error. But an expert like Kathy gives you clear answers quickly.

A jargon translator

Noncurrent liabilities and amortization schedules and liquidity premiums and EBITDA coverage ratios. Finance is a bottomless well of technical terminology.

Fortunately, Kathy is a master of making complex topics accessible, using tools like her 5-part Healthy Financial House™ framework.

A resource connector

A business isn’t just data. It’s ideas, and beliefs, and relationships, too.

So Kathy is always looking to point you to a book that might blow your mind, or a person you should probably know. Because sometimes one great connection helps more than 1,000 bar graphs ever could.

What we work on


Get a clear picture of your future with financial tools like budgeting and forecasting, cash flow planning, and strategic planning (such as 3- and 5-year projections).


Understand exactly how your finances are performing with reporting on your trends, forecasts, budget, and key performance indicators. All your important metrics become available at a glance on your custom financial dashboard.

Financial Analysis

Take a deep dive into your numbers to identify concerns and opportunities. But you don’t get unhelpful directives like “increase your margins.” You get a partner who brainstorms specific fixes right there with you.

For example, if there’s a gap between your projections and your actual numbers, we’ll plan out how to fill that gap step by step.

Infrastructure Building

We help you build the right pillars for a healthy and sustainable business: financial teams and processes, financial planning, internal controls for fraud prevention, and cost optimization.


You own everything created for you.

The processes we develop for your team are yours forever,
no matter how long we work together

How it works


 Schedule a Consultation

We hold a brief call to discuss your business and confirm whether we can help.


Run a NextGen Finance Blueprint™

We assess your business according to a holistic 5-part framework. By the end you have a clear road map for strengthening your finances.


Make more confident decisions with ongoing CFO support

Watch your finances come into focus with regular support from a Fractional CFO. Soon you’re on your way to building the business you envision.

If you’re sick of making do without…

  • Financial advice from an actual strategic expert
  • Systems for monitoring your money that just work
  • Yearly plans that feel useful for more than 5 minutes
  • The ability to steer your company where you want to go

…there’s an easy fix.

Click below, fill in the form, and choose a 30-minute time slot for your Fractional CFO consultation call.

Take the first step toward ongoing advice from a Fractional CFO

Pricing is based on your specific business needs. Monthly support ranges between $8,500/month – $17,000/month. 


Advisory Projects

Limited-scope advice for specific situations

Call in expert help for a special scenario you shouldn’t have to navigate alone.

Get the same quality of service as Monthly Support, but without the ongoing commitment.

1-on-1 advice from a Fractional CFO

Financial planning and analysis (FP&A)

Resources and

Sometimes the NextGen Finance Blueprint™ uncovers a well-defined problem, project, or decision we can help you address, even if you don’t necessarily need Monthly Support from a dedicated Fractional CFO.

In that scenario, we create a custom proposal for a limited-scope project, so you get the targeted advice you need and nothing more.

What does an Advisory Project look like?

Example #1

Revamping your software systems

You’re overhauling your accounting software or CRM, and you want to make sure it’s properly connected to your financials (which your tech person knows nothing about).

We can ensure the whole system is using the right inputs and outputs to reflect what’s really happening in your business. That way you don’t discover months later you’ve been relying on bad data and are facing a costly fix.

Example #2

Resetting your commission structure

You’re not happy with your commission structure and worry it’s eating your profits. We’ll help you design a balanced commission plan that protects the business and keeps your sales team motivated.

Example #3

Fixing your forecasting

You’re ready to upgrade your budgeting and forecasting practices, but you don’t know where to start. We can design a process for your team to generate the models you need to see the coming year more clearly.

What we can work on

Financial Planning & Analysis

Get budgets, forecasts, and strategic plans for specific projects so you can make informed decisions.

Risk Management

We can assess your current systems to reduce risk in areas including debt, insurance coverage, business contracts, and payment structures. If necessary, we refer you to other professionals who can help you resolve any problems.

Key Performance Indicators

We help you develop the right KPIs for your business. Then we set up a dashboard so it’s easy to monitor all of your metrics in one place. All your important metrics become available at a glance on your custom financial dashboard.

Infrastructure Building

It’s not easy to get all the pillars in place to build a healthy and sustainable business.
So we help you develop your financial teams and processes, financial planning practices, internal controls for fraud prevention, and cost optimization approach.

Don’t go at it alone. Tackle your challenges confidently with CFO-level support.