A Wealth of Resources

With so much information about financial management out there, how do you know what's good advice and what's worth your time reading it?  

Here you will find guides, books, and blog posts that we recommend for business owners to read.


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Find out if you're making the

5 critical financial mistakes 


Inside, you’ll learn:

  • how businesses go under despite being wildly profitable

  • how more sales isn't the answer (and what you should consider instead)

  • the secret to using debt the right way

  • how to unlock hidden profitability in your business, and 

  • why you can't expect strategic advice from your accountant or bookkeeper 



Accounting for the Numberphobic 

A Survival Guide for

Small Business Owners

by Dawn Fotopulos


If you're looking for a non-boring book to explain what your financial reports mean and how to use them, look no further!

Dawn not only explains the numbers but also does a great job of providing sound business and financial advice. 


Financial Intelligence

A Manager's Guide to Knowing

What the Numbers Really Mean

by Karen Berman, Joe Knight 


If you're looking for a more in-depth, yet still very accessible read about finances, this is book is it.


It explains and teaches how to use financial ratios, what ROI really is beyond just how to measure it, and gives you a toolbox of financial strategies to use. 

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