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How to Create a Budget for Your Business

Budgeting for a business can be overwhelming - especially if you don't have a process for it. 

But fret not!


The videos below are here to help! 

The videos are a step-by-step guide that will walk you through the process in an organized and systematic way. They also give you ideas on what to watch for and how to think about the financial information.

Pssst - these steps can also be used for quarterly/monthly/whenever your heart desires planning and forecasting    

Start with Profit & Loss  

  • What you need to create a budget
    (spoiler alert: clean data) 


  • 3 steps of creating a budget 

  • Focus of this video:
    Profit & Loss/Income statement budget

And Continue with Cash  

Phew! We did A LOT in video 1 - but we're not done yet! 


Now we need to figure out when the cash is coming in & going out.  

  • Focus of this video:
    Cash planning 

More videos and worksheets are on the way!
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