Kathy Svetina


Fractional CFO and Founder
NewCastle Finance


Kathy Svetina is the founder of NewCastle Finance, a company offering Fractional CFO services to women-owned small businesses. For nearly 14 years she did senior-level financial planning and analysis for Fortune 500 companies. She saw firsthand how big companies use financial information to drive their companies forward.

She started NewCastle Finance because she wanted to offer that same powerful financial insight to women-owned businesses. Now, she helps business owners as a “Financial Puzzle Solver” to get clear on their numbers and their financial strategy so they feel confident they are making good decisions that will result in a thriving business.

Talking Points


  • Why trying to increase your sales might be making you less successful (and what you should be doing instead)
  • What you might be missing in your small business finances that’s putting you at risk for fraud (even if you have an accountant)
  • What women in business need to know about how fortune 500 companies are managing their finances (so they can build a healthy and sustainable business)
  • The truth about running a million-dollar business (and why The Healthy Financial House framework is the secret to growing a sustainable and profitable business)

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