Driving Business Growth Through Effective Customer Feedback

Apr 19, 2024 | Listen

Driving Business Growth Through Effective Customer Feedback

Growing a successful business depends on how well you know and understand your customers. 

And you get to know them by conducting customer research and being open to customer feedback. 

However, it’s surprising to discover that there are still many companies that overlook this basic aspect of running a business. For some, there are cost concerns. It’s too expensive or there’s no time. While others really believe that they already know their customers by heart so there’s no need to get to know them even more. 

But skipping this crucial step can prevent you from making strategic decisions.

If you don’t engage your customers you’ll miss hearing about potential red flags and even growth opportunities. 

So how do you start doing customer research? 

How do you gather customer feedback?

What questions should you ask to get useful insights?

And how you use this data to secure your finances and your success for the long term.

Darlene Campagna: Proactive customer engagement is key

In today’s episode, Darlene Campagna discusses how businesses can position themselves for sustainable success if they conduct targeted – and timely  – customer research. She also shares her insights on how customer feedback can drive your strategic decision-making. 

Timestamps for this week’s episode

02:42 Why businesses ignore customer research when making strategic plans 

04:47 What it takes to do customer research

40:59 The value of customer feedback when selling your company

44:59 Actionable steps to start customer feedback programs effectively

Why businesses ignore customer research when making strategic plans

Too complicated

Many view customer research as time-consuming and costly, so it’s something they just skip or put off for another quarter or year. 

Lack of time

Companies that are under pressure to complete their planning quickly, often rush to finalize strategies. So there literally is no time for them to stop and find out what their customers need. 

Complacency and overconfidence

There are many businesses that believe they already understand their customers’ needs and behaviors so there is no need to talk to them again. This overconfidence can lead to complacency which will result in you not knowing anything about your target market. 

No adaptation

When you and your team fail to recognize the small changes in what your customers prefer. 

People make these assumptions that they know what their customers are thinking and feeling and if the customers had an issue they would come and tell them, And that is not always the case as I know through my experience.

What it takes to do customer research

To effectively conduct customer research, you need to make a lot of preparations.

Here’s what it takes:

  • Start with setting up the research project, including defining your objectives and challenges.
  • Develop draft surveys tailored to target customers and prospects, and make sure your questions align with your research goals.
  • Compile a clean and updated customer contact list to make sure that you have all the information needed to reach out to them. 
  • Use a combination of phone and email surveys to engage customers in different ways that will be convenient for them? Yet also allow in-depth discussions if needed.
  • Partnering with an impartial third-party customer research and feedback agency  to conduct surveys, so you’re sure your data won’t be biased. 
  • Analyze all the data you’ve collected to identify patterns, trends, and actionable insights.
  • Report your findings within a week or two after your surveys have been completed so the insights are still relevant. 

“People think customer satisfaction, customer experience, that’s just fluff; but really if done right and done well, you can gather insights and feedback that will improve your organization, drive marketing and sales strategy, help you close more, and also drive revenue and profitability.” – Darlene Campagna

The value of customer feedback when selling your company

If selling your business is part of your long-term strategy or exit plan, hearing from your customers can help make it more financially attractive to buyers. 

Before you meet potential buyers, find out what your customers really think about you. By gathering their feedback through surveys, you can address issues, highlight your strengths, and identify growth opportunities. 

This proactive approach before selling can help you increase the value of your business. Don’t wait until the last minute though. Foster a culture of positive customer engagement now to improve your chances of a successful sale in the future.

"This is not just about checking a box for customer experience or customer satisfaction. This is gathering data that drives strategy that you can use across your company. "

Actionable steps to start customer feedback programs effectively

The actionable step to starting effective customer research and customer feedback programs in your business is to gather top decision-makers and stakeholders to define clear objectives. 

From there, choose what you need to discover and who you want feedback from. It’s also the best time to identify which of your decisions will the data help you with. 

Avoid asking too little or even too many questions so your customers will find it easy and convenient to answer. The key is to stay focused on being targeted and concise which will help you gather the insights that will drive growth.


  • Businesses often overlook customer research, missing crucial insights, due to perceived complexity, complacency and cost.

  • Effective customer research requires meticulous preparation, including defining objectives, tailoring surveys, and utilizing varied methods. 

  • Customer feedback enhances a company’s appeal to potential buyers by addressing issues and identifying growth opportunities. 

  • Starting effective feedback programs involves defining clear objectives, choosing target audiences, and focusing on actionable insights for growth.


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About guest – Darlene Campagna

Customer Acceleration Consultant and Owner

Direct Opinions

Before joining Direct Opinions, Darlene spent 11 years working for a national IT consulting company that took its Cleveland operation from approximately $2 million in annual sales to over $27 million in just six years. And so, her love and passion for growing a business began.

Darlene has been a member of the Entrepreneur’s Organization (EO) since 2007 and has served on the Cleveland Chapter Board for over seven years in various positions. She has also been a Mentor for the EO Accelerator (EOA) program for over five years and is currently EOA President. She also participates as a committee member on the Women’s Entrepreneurship Advisory Council for John Carroll University and is on Thomas More University’s Sales Executive Roundtable.

Website – https://www.directopinions.com/

LinkedIn – https://www.linkedin.com/in/darlene-campagna-5162515/

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