How to Take Care of Yourself as You’re Growing Your Business

Dec 6, 2021 | Listen

How to Take Care of Yourself as You're Growing Your Business

When you’re a leader and growing business, taking care of yourself might be low on your list of priorities.

There are so many things that need to get done with seemingly not enough time in the day to do them all, leading to overworking, multitasking, and burnout.

It can quickly become a highly stressful and unhealthy situation, especially if you are driven, goal-oriented, and hell-bent on achieving success – like most founders and business owners.

You become lost in the chaos, stuck in the hustle, less productive, and potentially ill, and your revenues will suffer in the long run.

However, by practicing mindfulness, it’s possible for us to create calm, turn off the autopilot mode, and be fully present and aware of growing our business sustainably, despite our busy schedules and responsibilities.

So what is being mindful, how can it help us as leaders, and how can we start?

Today’s episode is full of helpful tips on how to start practicing mindfulness daily to enable yourself to become a confident and effective leader.

Our guest, CEO Sensei John J. Fenton, reveals how to rediscover focus and gain clarity so you can become the best business owner you can be.

Tune in for a surprise, relaxing, stress-busting treat for you to enjoy mid-episode as well!

Timestamps for this week’s episode

  • 0:40 What does “For us to do more, we have to do less” mean when taking care of yourself and your business?

  • 4:32 When is that pivotal moment when you know that you really need to slow down?

  • 7:35 How can you start taking care of yourself by easing into mindfulness, especially if new to these practices?

  • 43:05 What are the next steps for taking care of yourself and promoting mindfulness in your organization?

What does “For us to do more, we have to do less” mean when taking care of yourself and your business?

The concept of “doing less is achieving more” may sound backward, but it often makes the difference between your success and your setbacks.

We are constantly taking action, multitasking, or hurrying when working on our business.

While it is essential to take action, we also need to know when to slow things down to gain clarity and time to tap into our inner strength.

In business, it is also the difference between one that is thriving vs a struggling enterprise.

To quote the Navy SEALs: “slow is smooth, smooth is fast.” It’s a great way to have better and more effective outcomes on their missions.

When working on our growing business, do less and achieve more. Slow down, take your time, make decisions slowly and deliberately, and take action.

“The ability to slow things down enables you to create this success you want in your business and personally in your personal growth.” – John Fenton

When is that pivotal moment when you know that you really need to slow down?

Many of us are constantly spinning multiple plates to keep the business going. It’s exhausting!

Listen to your body. It will tell you when you need to slow down.

To tap into your inner strength and calm in any situation:

  • Step back for a moment.
  • Pause.
  • Close your eyes, focus and feel your breathing and reconnect with your body.
  • Take physical breaks and sweat for a bit (a quick walk or workout).
  • Develop this habit – by starting small and slowly building up over time – daily.
To slow down and become more mindful, the key is to start small and then build up your inner strength over time.

How can you start taking care of yourself by easing into mindfulness, especially if new to these practices?

Some things to reflect upon before you start a mindfulness journey:

  • It’s a mindset
  • It’s a process that can be challenging
  • You will experience moments of doubt, even mid-practice
  • Ultimately, it’s a CHOICE you have to make

Once you have decided to commit to mindfulness,

1. Start small, but keep going.

2. Intentionally focus on your breathing because it provides immense health benefits and usually immediate relief.

3. Ensure you get the right amount of sleep – at least seven to nine hours of consistent restful sleep every night.

4. Listen to your body for signs of stress, tension, and discomfort.

  • Switch on your parasympathetic nervous system, which is your rest and digest system, by focusing on your breath for even just 10 minutes.
  • Remember, work-related stress is not and should never be the life and death-kind of stress.
  • Don’t allow your body to react to a looming deadline the way it would if a bear were about to attack you. Your body will not sustain being constantly in fight or flight mode, and you might soon have bigger health issues.

5. Stop, slow down, and focus. Take the opportunity to step outside the business, think strategically, and give yourself some clarity about the situation.

6. Keep practicing – it gets easier!

“One of the biggest & most devastating mistakes that you as a business owner, entrepreneur, CEO can make is not taking your health seriously enough, and not putting good health at the top of your list.”- John Fenton

What are the next steps for taking care of yourself and promoting mindfulness in your organization?

A great first step to mindfulness is to connect your mind and body intentionally. Whatever physical activity you’d like to do for yourself, do it mindfully.

Keep reconnecting with your body, no matter what you’re doing throughout the day. When you feel all those sensations, revel and absorb them.

Some examples include:

  • If you’re running, focus on the bottom of your feet and how it feels
  • At the gym, focus on the muscles or part of your body that you’re working out.
  • Drafting a new content calendar? Write a rough draft with a pencil and on paper.
  • Reading a physical book if you can vs. reading one online.


  • Do more by doing less.

Take action, but first, slow down. It will help you to be more effective and successful in achieving your business goals. Less over-scheduling, less multitasking, less hurrying will lead to more focused work, more appropriately planned and executed tasks, and more clarity for your growing business.

  • Listen to your body before you mentally and physically spiral out of control due to overwork – and overwhelm. Focus on your breath and wait for clarity.
  • Mindfulness is a mindset and a choice, so start small and add to your practice daily. Take a step back, slow down, assess the situation, and then move forward.
  • Start your mindfulness journey by intentionally reconnecting your body and mind with every physical thing you do to help you become more aware of when to stop and pause when things get stressful.


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About guest – John J. Fenton

CEO Sensei and Brain Management Consultant

Founder and CEO of John J. Fenton Coaching

John J. Fenton is a CEO Sensei and Brain Management Consultant who works with CEOs who love growing their business and leading their teams, but hate all the stress these bring.

An award-winning speaker, John helps CEOs and C-Suite Executives achieve more by assessing and energizing their focus and clarity, integrating strategies for success with greater confidence, and giving them tools that empower them to master their lives.

As an executive mentor, he has guided thousands of executives through One-on-John™ strategic sessions, retreats, and virtual events. He also integrates the centering and breathing techniques he has mastered as a Black Belt in the martial art of Tai Chi in his business coaching.

John is also the best-selling author of 5 Minute Mastery™: The Surprising Secrets for Transforming Your Stress to Success and Mastering What’s Important




John’s Free Resources: Your Free CEO guide

Other Resources mentioned in this episode:

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Kathy Svetina is a Fractional CFO for growing small businesses with $10M+ in annual revenue.

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She solves their nagging money mysteries and builds a financial structure with a tailored financial strategy. That way they can grow in a financially healthy and sustainable way.

Kathy is based in Chicago, IL and works with clients all over the US.

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