How to Find and Work with a Professional Copywriter

Jul 29, 2022 | Listen

How to Find and Work with a Professional Copywriter

Copywriting is the art of using words, images, and videos to tell the story of your business. Its purpose is to provide information and, of course, generate sales.

It talks about your products and services, explains why they’re helpful, and asks customers to buy. And though it may sound easy – it’s not.

Copywriters constantly study, practice, and test their craft to ensure it achieves its goals. Good copywriting is both a science and an art form that takes persistence to perfect. It is also an extremely effective way to boost your profits. And when done right, it tells your story and engages attention as it persuades and convinces your audience to buy.

So how can you maximize your copywriting to support your growing business?

In this episode of Help! My Business Is Growing, our guest Samantha Burmeister talks about how copywriting is essential to any business, not just for marketing and sales, but for many other applications as well. She also shares how maximizing the benefits of copywriting will fuel the growth and success of your business.


  • 03:15 What makes a good copy?

  • 09:01 What are the usual copywriting issues that push companies to hire copywriters?

  • 10:03 What are the benefits of having a copywriter versus getting the services of a marketing agency?

  • 30:47 What is the next tangible step founders and leaders can take in the next week if they want to hire a copywriter to develop sales copy? What can they do to ensure they have a great copywriter and are prepared for them?

What makes a good copy?

Good copy appeals to people and persuades and convinces them to take the desired action.

It is catchy, but not by luck or accident, but through intensive A/B testing to get the best outcome.

It should incorporate sales psychology and intuitive knowledge of your customer’s behavior when consuming content. It must have a reason, context, and justification for existing.

Copywriting is both an art and a science because we do have to look at data points but it also requires the art of putting those words in the right order, catching people at the right time, and inspires people to take action.

What are the usual copywriting issues that push companies to hire a copywriter?

  • Poor content performance
  • Internal teams lack time to take on the company’s copywriting requirements
  • There is a need for specialized writing expertise that the team might not have
  • Management is looking for a fresh, new, and outside perspective to handle their copywriting
  • Management is testing out what it would be like to hire a full-time writer

“Copywriting is not just putting words on the page, even though that’s our end product. We keep up with marketing, sales trends, understand psychology – and we work well with designers and other creative teams.” – Samantha Burmeister

What are the benefits of having a copywriter versus getting the services of a marketing agency?

  • You create a cohesive team who is working (your marketing team + external/outsourced copywriter) for your goals: improving the bottom line
  • You gain an objective perspective when hiring a copywriter (both one that will work with you full time or will stay as a contractor) from outside your marketing team. They won’t be as in “love” with your existing copy and can improve on what you have
  • You benefit from their vast experience in writing across multiple industries. They will have a drone view of sales, marketing, and industry trends, resulting in richer and more relevant content
  • Your marketing team can deliver high-volume content requirements if a dedicated person handles all the writing
Copywriters are not mind-readers, so take the time to give them as much up-to-date information as you possibly can.

Actionable Step to take to have good copywriting in your business

Prepare your writer.

Understand your goals for hiring a writer and what you hope they achieve.

And to do this effectively, you need to set the campaign or project’s goals, strategy, requirements, and deliverables and have all the resource materials in place.

So when you’ve hired the copywriter, they can focus on the writing.


  • Good copy grabs attention and convinces customers to buy your products. It is catchy and should have the customer in mind.
  • The lack of writing expertise, poor content performance, and the need for a fresh outside perspective are the driving reasons that companies hire copywriters.
  • The main benefit of hiring a copywriter over a marketing agency is their results-driven work ethic and vast experience across many industries, which will result in consistent, high-quality content without the sky-high marketing agency fees.
  • Prepare your writer by providing all the tools and resources they need so they can focus on the writing.


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About guest – Samantha Burmeister

Founder and Lead Copywriter

Nomad Copy Agency

Samantha Burmeister is the Founder and Lead Copywriter of Nomad Copy Agency.

Nomad Copy crafts bespoke copy for its clients to help them turn their sales process into a hands-off, high-conversion experience.

Ultimately, her goal is to empower the entrepreneurs she works with to sell more, simply – so that they can focus on delivering & designing the life of their dreams.

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